Sir Hans Sloane of London is an artisanal chocolate company located in England. The company was named after Hans Sloane, who introduced drinking chocolate to the people of his country. Contemporaries with Samuel Pepys and Sir Christopher Wren in the 18th century, he is noted for being the father of chocolate in England. His reputation and history is honoured by the Sir Hans Sloane of London chocolate company, which creates handmade bespoke chocolate creations.

The beans to create the chocolates are sourced from Panama and Venezuela, which are used to create cocoa liquor, the base of each creation. The ingredients are conched for over 3 days, and then tempered to give it a gloss and sheen deserved by quality chocolate. The company then moulds and decorates the various chocolates, available in bars, beads, balls, and beautiful seasonal creations like chocolate Christmas trees.

Telephone Number:

01932 356008


A Great Taste Award 2011 for their Dark Drinking Chocolate Beads

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