República del Cacao is a chocolate making company founded with the goal of saving one of the finest tasting cacao beans in the world–the Cacao Arriba. This special Ecuadorian bean has a unique history and is used to create luxurious dark chocolate creations. The history of the name is fascinating. Legend has it that a Swiss chocolatier was navigating the Guayas river in Ecuador, and was overcome with the tantalizing smell of rich, dark cacao. Asking the natives where this delicacy came from, they answered, “de río arriba,” or up the river. The world Arriba today signifies the unique and rich quality found in the chocolate produced by República del Cacao.

República del Cacao offers chocolates from three distinct regions, each with a different smells and flavors making them unique. Bars are made from cacao from the regions of Los Rios, Manabi province, and El Oro. Try all three to compare!

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