Based in Madrid, Spain, Natra manufactures a wide variety of chocolate products for industrial usage as well as for end consumers. Among the products Natra manufactures are cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa power, bulk chocolate, chocolate powder, chocolate bars, tablets, Belgian-style chocolates, spreads and fillings and specialties and seasonal products.

Natra has seven companies that manufacture chocolate products, all of which have the Natra designation in the name. Natra Allcrump, located in Belgium, manufactures spreads and fillings. Natracacao is Spain’s largest manufacturer of cocoa and chocolate products. Natrajacali, also located in Belgium, manufactures specialty chocolates, including pralines and Easter candies. Natrazahor manufactures chocolate bars, while Natrazahor France makes chocolate tablets. The company is also expanding distribution to the United States and throughout the world via its NatraUS division.

Telephone Number:

+34 91 417 88 68

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