Ferrero, an Italian company, began with the quest to create authentic, affordable world-class chocolates. They converted their pastry shop into a production facility and earned the accolades of connoisseurs worldwide. Their Rocher line features confections with a single hazelnut that is encased in an ethereal chocolate filling. This delectable combination is surrounded by a fine crisp wafer, chopped hazelnuts and milk chocolate. Their Rondnoir confections are an exquisite union of creamy dark chocolate and textures. It showcases a jewel of opulent dark chocolate surrounded by chocolate cream filling. These luscious ingredients are wrapped in a fine crisp wafer and sprinkled with crispy bits of dark chocolate. The Garden Coconut confections are a flavourful amalgam sprinkled with coconut. Beneath the fine crisp wafer, there is a delectable coconut cream filling that surrounds a single almond. Sixty-five years after Pietro Ferrero made his first confection, the company continues to fulfil his vision.

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