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Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1884, Anthon Berg has been producing some of the world’s finest chocolate creations for well over a century. In the early 1880s, a grocer by the name of Anthon Berg took it upon himself to begin creating chocolate in the back room of his store. At that time in history, chocolate was primarily only available in pharmacies, as it was highly noted for its healthy properties. Anthon Berg’s chocolate creations soon became a popular treat among the citizens of Copenhagen. The quaint cobblestone street outside Anthon’s store was regularly lined with customers who were willing to wait patiently for the exquisite chocolate products. As his customers stood in line, Anthon handed out free samples of his delightful chocolate covered marzipan. He knew well the value of fine customer service and soon developed a loyalty among his patrons. The company was legally passed on to Anthon’s son, Gustav when Anthon was in his 80s. Gustav vowed at that time to never deviate from the fine quality and standards set for by his father. To this day, the family oath has been honoured as Anthon Berg still remains one of the finest producers of quality chocolate in the world. Their on-going love affair with chocolate inspires them to continue producing only the finest in quality taste sensations.


Anthon Berg’s unique and innovative chocolate creations include Marzipan Discs with Fruit, Marzipan Bars, Cocktail Creams, Deluxe, Fair trade, Liqueurs, Chocolate Coffee Drinks, and a large variety of other tasty sensations and exquisite delights. Indulge in some of these fine chocolates produced by the “Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court.”

Marzipan Discs with Fruit

Anthon Berg’s marzipan discs contain delicious fruit and liqueur centres and a thick covering of rich dark chocolate. The individually wrapped marzipan discs are available in the following delightful flavours: Strawberry in Champagne, Plums in Madeira, Apricot in Brandy, Grape in Muskrat Wine, Cherry in Rum, and Raspberry in Orange Liqueur

Marzipan Bars

Anthon Berg’s original Marzipan Bar was passed out to customers who faithfully waited in line back in 1884. It is still made today exactly as it was then. Why mess with a good thing? Marzipan bars are also available in Cognac and Double Dark Nibs.

Chocolate Coffee Drinks

Anthon Berg’s unique and delicious chocolate coffee drinks are latte glass shaped mocha chocolates filled with stunning coffee centres. The Chocolate Coffee Drinks are offered in Espresso, Cappuccino, Toffee Macchiato and Vanilla Frappe.

Cocktail Creams and Liqueurs

Anthon Berg’s truly delightful Chocolate Liqueurs feature exquisite dark chocolate filled with branded spirits. The equally tantalizing Cocktail Creams include a delightful cream filling, as well as liqueurs.

Cream Filled Twists

These cream filled twists dance with pralines and thick chocolate to create a unique and fun-filled taste sensation. The individually wrapped twists are available in caramel, raspberry and creamy mint.


The Deluxe line consists of three different kinds of individually wrapped chocolate creations. The Petite Orange is a rich dark chocolate marzipan with an orange centre. The Petite Nougat is also dark chocolate with a delicious nougat centre. The third creation in the line is the After Dinner Sweet. This exquisite milk chocolate contains Madeira and roasted hazelnuts for a sweet and luxurious taste experience.

Fair Trade Tablets

For those who desire to experience the truly intense and exciting side of dark chocolate, Anthon Berg’s Fair Trade tablets offer an exotic and truly spectacular blend of flavours. The tablets available in the 100g series include Raspberry and Blackberry, Strawberry and Orange, Mango and Pink Grapefruit, Mint, Salmiak, Honey, Chilli, Sea Salt, Rich Dark 72% and Extra Dark 81%.

Other Chocolate

Anthon Berg also creates a number of other tasty chocolate creations, gifts and holiday assortments. For a truly unique chocolate experience, try their absolutely amazing fudge or chocolate covered opera mints. Anthon Berg is also home to the original marzipan Easter egg. Don’t miss out on their delightful Easter assortments. Their gift box selections include Adore, Dark Velvet and the Royal Selection. Each gift box contains an assortment of quality pralines, truffles, and delicious milk, dark and white chocolate with stunning fruit, nut and champagne fillings.


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